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“What do you think would be the perfect rug for my rustic cabin?”

Recently, I had a customer ask me what would be the absolute perfect rug for their rustic style cabin. They envisioned something that would be comfortable to stand on while they washed up dishes after dinner, something natural, and of course, a rug with pinecones on it!

I had the perfect solution in mind – Earth Rugs! These rugs meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission Standard FF-2-70 for flammability, made of 100% natural jute fiber, and naturally repel water. We sell these rugs in our store and online. They picked out “Pinecone Red Berry”, and they loveĀ it!

We sell Earth Rugs of all different shapes, sizes, and just about every design you can think of for your lodge or cabin! They’re also great for in front of the fireplace, or under the Christmas tree as they will not ignite! Check those rugs out today in our store, or on-line!


Pinecone Red Berry Rug! Pick up one today and complete your lodge look!


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