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Mother’s Day is right around the corner – May 13th, to be exact! Mother’s Day is a special day for honoring mother’s everywhere – and they deserve the best. Here at Buck Snort Lodge Products, we’ve got a few gift ideas for the special woman in your life.

Bedding Looking A Bit Shabby?
Her bedding is looking a bit shabby because she puts others in front of her. It’s time to treat her to luxirous softness and exquisite fabrics. Get her some 350 Thread count, 100% cotton, available in cream or chocolate bear sheets. Available in our online store.

Time to Upgrade the Dishes?
She’s still using the same dishes you used when you were a child – and they’ve seen better days. Time to upgrade her to shed horn dinnerware! Available as a 16 piece stoneware set in our store.

Missing that final piece of Terry Redlin Evening Solitude to complete her bathroom collection?
We’ve got just the right ideas! Check them out today!


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“What do you think would be the perfect rug for my rustic cabin?”

Recently, I had a customer ask me what would be the absolute perfect rug for their rustic style cabin. They envisioned something that would be comfortable to stand on while they washed up dishes after dinner, something natural, and of course, a rug with pinecones on it!

I had the perfect solution in mind – Earth Rugs! These rugs meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission Standard FF-2-70 for flammability, made of 100% natural jute fiber, and naturally repel water. We sell these rugs in our store and online. They picked out “Pinecone Red Berry”, and they love it!

We sell Earth Rugs of all different shapes, sizes, and just about every design you can think of for your lodge or cabin! They’re also great for in front of the fireplace, or under the Christmas tree as they will not ignite! Check those rugs out today in our store, or on-line!


Pinecone Red Berry Rug! Pick up one today and complete your lodge look!

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Our newest bathroom collection!

We recently added these two new bathroom collections to our retail store.  We’re also offering them as a set in our online store! The 4 piece Bear toothbrush holder , soap dish, lotion pump and tumbler is available here. Does the pattern look familiar to you? Match this bathroom set with the matching 16 piece  bear dinnerware set! Available both in store and online.

The 4 piece Pinecone toothbrush holder, soap dish, lotion pump and tumbler is available here. So now we’ve got to ask – which style is your favorite? Leave your opinion in the comments section!

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Pinecone 16 piece dinnerware set

Isn't this pinecone dinnerware set beautiful??

As soon as we laid our eyes upon this gorgeous dinnerware set, we knew we had to have it in our store. This pinecone dinnerware set has 16 pieces, four cups, four bowls, four salad plates and four dinner plates.  The leaves on this particular set are not just painted on, the thin leaves are slightly raised and provide an excellent grip and some visual interest as well.  Pinecone motif has become a very popular motif for cabins and rustic homes. We have one 16 piece set in our store right now, but you can always order from us online!

Thanks for stopping in! Check back soon!

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Our discontinued bathroom accessories page is HOT! Having a hard time finding that elusive Terry Redlin Evening Solitude piece? Or did your buddy break your Woodlands by Woolrich toothbrush holder and now the wife is upset? Look no further! Check out our on-line store, under the Home Accessories tab up top, then “Discontinued Bathroom Accessories” for:

Terry Redlin Evening Solitude

Black Bear Lodge by Blonder

Hunt Club by Blonder

Pinecone Lodge by Blonder

Rather Be Fishing by Blonder

Wildwood by Blonder

Linda Picken’s Whitetail Collection

Pine Woods by Woolrich

Woodlands by Woolrich

Some collections may feature all bathroom items we have left. We may have towels for one collection, a lotion pump for another, etc. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Check it out today!

Are you in the Muskegon, MI area? We’ve got these in our retail store too!

Wild Wood Bathroom Accessories - Once it's gone, it's gone!

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